This is Water.
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Hi my name is Leslie.


Top 10 Albums of 2013

  1. Modern Vampires of the City - Vampire Weekend
  2. Vampire Weekend’s new album, Modern Vampires of the City
  3. MVOTC
  4. MVOTC by Vampire Weekend
  5. My Visions of Tom Cruise
  6. The New Vampire Weekend Album
  7. The Album with Hannah Hunt
  8. The White Vinyl Version of Modern Vampires of the City
  9. The Black Vinyl Version of Modern Vampires of the City
  10. Modern Vampires of the City


one time we got a new kid in fifth grade and he walks right in and sticks his hand under the stapler and staples his hand and just looks at the teacher and goes “I’m going to the nurse” and leaves



one time when I was about four, the 10 year old neighbour boys attacked me with water guns and when I ran away and told my mom she gave me the hose and set it to pressure wash and basically told me to finish what they started  

Excellent parenting.


when you love your blog so much and you just want to



teenage girls actually have to go through a lot of bullshit and the fact that it’s considered cool to make fun of them for being upset or emotional is kind of gross


Steven Universe - Giant Woman (chiptune cover)

(track art by merrigo)

I loved rebeccasugar's song from this weeks Steven Universe so I did a cute little bossa cover!

I’ll put it up on my youtube channel later this week, with a download link!

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